Our products are completely personalized to your needs and tastes. Our signs our made of a premium high density acrylic which will never rust or wear like metallic or wooden signs and are also lighter and more affordable.  Here is some more information about our products.   

Where can our signs be installed?

We install our custom address signs over brick, stone (including uneven stone), stucco, wood, aluminium siding, and over virtually any other surface.  While the vast majority of our clients request exterior address signs, we can install our customized signs indoors, on pool houses, guest houses, and just about anywhere else. 

Is self-installation possible? 

Yes, we do offer our signs with self-installation instructions.  We can ship them to you anywhere in North America or you can pick up your sign locally here in the Greater Toronto Area.  Self-installation will save you money and modifies the scope of our warranty. 

What address sign options are there?

Some options include having only numbers, having numbers spelled out in words, having the entire street name spelled out, or some combination of numbers and words.  Feel free to look at our gallery for ideas or consult with us.  Your preferences and guidelines will directly inform the appearance of your custom address sign. 

What sizes do the address signs come in?

While we usually produce our signs in small, medium, and large sizes (4 inch, 7 inch, and 11 inch capital letter sizes) , we can make the size completely customized to suit your needs. 

What fonts are available?

We have six beautiful standard fonts to choose from all of which would enhance the beauty of your house.  Other custom fonts can be arranged. 

What colours and textures are available?

The majority of our clients request black, glossy personalized signs.  This finish and colour provides optimal elegance, visibility, and style.  However, a matte finish offers a beautiful subtle look that works well on lighter surfaces.  We also offer white letters for darker backgrounds.

How long does the process take?

Once we have all of your production details, we can produce your sign within 2 weeks and generally install it within 3 weeks.  

What applications other than address signs are possible?

Our custom signs can be used anywhere your imagination can think of.  They can be placed on the outside of a store, a building, a townhouse, a special room, or anything else.  We will help you make it work, and make it beautiful. 

How do your signs compare to aluminum or wooden address signs?

Aluminum signs have to be painted in order to not be metallic silver and this paint can scratch, fade, or peel over time.  Wooden signs have to be maintained and treated to prevent rot or wear.  These other options simply do not have the lasting ability of the high-grade acrylic which we use.  

How much do custom address signs cost?

Costs vary depending upon the size, length, and colour of your sign.  There is possibly no more affordable and easier way to beautify the exterior of your home. Please contact us for a specific quote.